Points are considered posted when they appear in your AAdvantage account. Unless otherwise noted, the activity date will be the date of the transaction, regardless of when it is posted.

By program:

  • Paid Surveys Online: Almost immediately
  • Fuel Rewards: 5-7 business days after the sale
  • Flights on AA: points post within 24 hours after completing the travel (purchases for flights with an AA co-branded card post after the close of your billing cycle each month). The activity date is the departure date of each segment.
  • AAdvantage Hotels: 5-7 business days after the stay for prepaid bookings. In some cases, it can take up to 6 weeks. Allow up to 10 weeks for non-prepaid bookings. The activity date will be the check-in date.
  • SimplyMiles (SM): users have reported that it varies significantly. Some earnings are posted the next day, others take a week or two, or longer.
  • AAdvantage eShopping
    • It will depend on the terms. Some post in a day, others in a week, or even after a 60-day period. With some merchants, you must wait until the order is picked up or delivered. Regardless, you will have to give at least 15 days. If it doesn’t post within 15 days, you submit a request for credit. Cartera will research the request and it may take 6-8 weeks to resolve (up to 6 months in extreme cases). Merchants typically don’t report earnings back to Cartera until the purchase has shipped, is picked up, or is completed. With some merchants, earnings may be split if items are shipped at different times.
    • Days to Post information is available on each merchant’s page
    • Bonus miles via AAdvantage eShopping: bonus miles from promotions can take up to 10 weeks to post
    • Hotels via AAdvantage eShopping: If you booked a hotel through AAdvantage eShopping, the booking date will be the transaction date.
  • AAdvantage Dining: you will receive an e-mail within a day or two
  • AA co-branded Cards: points earned through American Airlines co-branded credit cards are posted after the statement closes each month. Purchases that are made on or before February 29 will count for that program year. Ensure that your AAdvantage # is added to your account
  • AA Vacations: miles will post within 2 weeks after travel is complete. A mileage credit may appear in your account after travel for 0 miles but this is not the final amount.


  • If you book a hotel stay through AAH/RM for the future, the activity date will be the check-in date
  • If your flight took place on February 28 and it doesn’t post until March 5, it counts towards the previous program year
  • If you place a Blue Apron order on January 10 but it isn’t delivered until January 25, it will post with the January 10 date

The AAdvantage status earning program year starts March 1 and ends on the last day of February.