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What people say about Loyalty Point Hunters

Loyalty Point Hunters helped me gain status by showing me point opportunities I had overlooked.

Diane D.

Loyalty Point Hunters help both me and my wife to achieve status. Very grateful.

Jose S.

Tips from the group and members helped my acceleration to Member to Platinum Pro in less than 150 days.

Michael A.

Without Loyalty Point Hunters, I would not have reached Platinum Pro and be well on the way to Executive Platinum.

Doug D.

Loyalty Hunters helped me achieved EP with 0 flights in 4 months with low spend

Jose D.

Loyalty Point Hunters opened my eyes to earning opportunities I never knew existed, currently at PP and onwards to EP.

Scott H.

I thought my Platinum Pro status was doomed under AA’s new program, but Loyalty Point Hunters is helping me get to the finish line!

Christina B.