Some users prefer to use a private or masked e-mail address when signing up for merchants to avoid spam e-mails.

There are various services that offer a solution:

    • Gmail: use variations of your email address
    • iCloud: create unique, random email addresses
    • Buy a domain: Buy a Google domain and add forwarding to your primary e-mail address. Find yourself a .com domain you like, add it to cart, then use promo code FRIENDSOFDOMAINS to drop the price down to $9. Make sure that privacy protection is ON, and auto-renew is OFF. Don’t purchase any other services such as Google Workspace.After purchasing the domain, navigate to the domain Settings and select Email from the left side. Scroll down to the E-mail Forwarding section and add a wild card (*) to forward ANY e-mail @ your domain to your primary e-mail address (documentation).