To all considering joining this group. I can’t recommend it enough. I joined over a year ago and as of today, I just booked our dream honeymoon in the Maldives. This group teaches you how to gain the knowledge to maximize your everyday spending into Loyalty Points that get you status and flight miles. If you ever wanted to learn how to jump into the airline mile game, this is your group.

Trevor D

I have been PlatinumPro for the past 4 years. All through flights. Always thought more travel would give me Executive Platinum. Usually ended the year with 170-180k points. Thanks to this site, I picked up the 15K points this month and became EP as of this morning. I plan on hitting EP by December and not having to worry for February 2025!

Kathryn H

I travel about 40-50 segments a year for work, but I didn’t have a real mileage strategy until I found Loyalty Point Hunters. Without this community, I would’ve ended up at 168K LPs, just missing the System Wide Upgrades and well short of Executive Platinum. We invested around $600 to reach both milestones, well worth it from a value added perspective.

Daniel M

Thanks to this group’s information, guidance and creativity, I went from no status in November to Platinum Pro in February! And that’s with no American Airlines credit card!

Debbie I

Following the Loyalty Point trends and maximizing spending on purchases I was already going to make has helped me get to the status I want for my travels. The no-nonsense, no-frills website makes it easy to find what I’m looking for.

Gabe C

I’m fairly new to the loyalty points world, but I’ve been around long enough to know that’s it’s hugely time consuming, confusing, and ever-changing. Between the Loyalty Point Hunters website and Facebook group, I now have a go-to for questions and to find the best current deals quickly.

Courtney B

I learned about Loyalty Point Hunters in November with 23,167 points. Flash forward a mere 56 days and I am now at 238,185 LPs and growing (Executive Platinum status for the first time!). I am so grateful for the work that the LPH puts in, the community and chats, and the whole experience of being a part of this. This will change the way I think about flying and status forever!

Daniel M

Prior to learning about the Loyalty Point Hunters Facebook group and website, I had only been able to earn Gold or Platinum status on American Airlines. During my first year following Loyalty Point Hunters, I was successful in achieving Executive Platinum status. I am about to do so for the second consecutive year. From the advice on social media to the helpful details on the website, I know that Loyalty Point Hunters will help anyone else who is serious about achieving a higher level of status for the least amount of money spent.

Cory S

I may not be the typical user, because I probably care about the miles just as much as LP/status, but Loyalty Point Hunters has saved me a lot of time – I discovered how many miles/LP I can earn by the shopping portal – and the daily updates help me know quickly about great deals and increases. So helpful because American Airlines miles are harder to earn, but very valuable to me for award redemptions.

Claire O

Best thing about Loyalty Point Hunters is the sheer number of different places they list where you can earn extra Loyalty Points. In addition, the site shows you if a particular offer is low, typical or high to help maximize your spend.

John B

As someone who has always purchased their extra legroom and first class seats, a must with my husband and son both being 6’ 4”, I stumbled across this amazing group and realized I could earn my status with purchases I would already be making. I am now Platinum and will be Platinum Pro in the coming month!

Marie S

I fly quite a bit for work – so I have used Loyalty Point Hunters and been apart of the Facebook group for the past 2 years and it has helped me achieve Executive Platinum both years. I have really appreciated the great opportunities and the step by step examples such as Blue Apron, Million Acres, Boost Mobiles, which allows you to rack up miles for cheap prices. Highly recommended, many people are missing out on getting status and racking up miles!

Alex S

It’s hard to get loyalty points if you don’t have a job that pays for flying. This site is very helpful in finding non-flying opportunities to earn loyalty points for me.

Mary W

Earning Loyalty Points is a tough business. Loyalty Point Hunters is essential for pointing American Airlines frequent fliers in the right directions to maximize their earnings.

Kevin C

With the help of the information available through Loyalty Point Hunters, I have gone from no status to Platinum Pro (nearly Executive Platinum) in only five months. The daily digest email and ability to set earnings alerts for my favorite merchants have allowed me to accumulate more loyalty points than I ever imagined before signing up.

Parker J

Years ago we used to chase the milage run. Now that those are gone we have Loyalty Point Hunters to thank for cluing us into high reward deals that allow us to earn our status faster!

Branden W

The Loyalty Point Hunters website and Facebook group have been amazingly helpful in gaining AA status! The knowledge and shared information makes it super easy to navigate. I can easily search for where I am making a purchase and get insider tips. Thank you!

Alex M

I recently learned about Loyalty Point Hunters from a Facebook post that eventually took me into a new world of adventures. From earning hotel miles to earning points on the shopping portal. I owe it to Loyalty Point Hunters for this success. I joined quite a bit late in the year and I managed to get Gold for the first time. Cannot wait what next year has in store for me. Thanks

Julio R

With Loyalty Point Hunters, I was able to track and jump my status from Gold to Plat Pro with the same yearly spend!!! Without this tool, I felt like I wasted so many rewards and money off the table.

Ryan Y

The daily emails were key in helping me identify and jump on the best Loyalty Point offers from merchants. Within the span of 3 months, I was able to jump from Gold to Platinum Pro. Excited for next year and reaching for Executive Platinum!

David W

Loyalty Point Hunters has been essential in taking me from a mid level AAdvantage member to top tier. The ability to set alerts on earning levels at my favorite retailers has allowed me to maximize LP earnings on purchases.

Jennifer C

Before finding this group I would have to jump through hoops to find the optimal way to do things. Now that I’m apart of this group I have a ton of people to collaborate with and learn from to effectively and efficiently reach my American Airlines goals!

Chris J

I easily sort and identify which merchants are offering great value, and then optimize my purchases for maximum Loyalty Points. My status and upgrades have justified the annual subscription 20 times over!

Mike M.

I can’t say enough about this website and the Facebook group. I am so grateful to have another year of Executive Platinum status when things have been getting complicated and status has become harder to reach. Loyalty Point Hunters for the WIN!

Val W

Loyalty Point Hunters took away all the stress of having to search for who had multipliers on the shopping portal. The dashboard to put in future flights helped as well as it showed what I would be at so I didn’t stress myself out wondering where I would be after X Flight. Worth every dollar!

Chris R

I’m so happy that I found Loyalty Point Hunters this past year. It was always hit or miss getting my points from the shopping portal and then I was guided to success after reading the FAQ from LPH. However, the most valuable asset to me was the historical tracking of points. I would have missed a few big bonuses by pulling the trigger too early based on historical data. For anyone looking to consistently make the best earning decisions, Loyalty Point Hunters is a valuable resource.

Lisa S

Loyalty Point Hunters takes award accrual, redemption, and overall good advice, to the next level. It isn’t for the faint at heart, but those who take miles seriously, and reap the rewards, I mean, awards!!

Daniel M

I recently joined loyalty point hunters and have found it incredibly informative. The members are knowledgeable and ready to share their knowledge. If you’re looking to increase your status level with American Airlines this group is a must.

John D

Loyalty Point Hunters is one of the best tools to keep track of the ever changing promotions that offer Loyalty Points. Often, LPH is the first place I search before making a purchase or book travel to ensure I make a choice that really gets the best LP payout for my dollar.

Dustin R

In only the space of a few months, with the help of this group I have been able to go from a lowly Gold level to Platinum Pro, with hopes to attain EP before the end of the qualification period. This has already helped me get free upgrades to domestic first class on multiple cross country flights and even a flight to Toronto. It has been totally worth it.

Kristi G

With the constant changes in the American Airlines loyalty program, Loyalty Point Hunters is a must for those trying to keep pace. Fortunately most of my status comes from flying, but to help hit the highest level, I turned to Loyalty Point Hunters. It’s current, accurate and always gets better!

Jeffrey T

You don’t need to check/browse/scroll multiple websites for Loyalty Point deals. It saves you money to reach status.

Yuwei S

I’ve always flown just enough to almost make Gold. This year I made Platinum with Loyalty Point Hunters without spending money I wasn’t already spending and being notified of great deals. AND, I earned enough miles for my daughter to visit us for Christmas for free!!

Randall L

I signed up just 2 weeks ago and through the excellent advice on Loyalty Point Hunters Facebook group and web site, I was able to make sure P2 remained Platinum with American Airlines for the upcoming year. With their help, he’s definitely going for Platinum Pro next year! Thank you!

Diane G

Loyalty Point Hunters has helped me reach Platinum Pro, which is a first for me! They help you identify great deals and value out of your spend on the American Airlines portals, so you can achieve the status that you desire. Thanks for all the help!

Craig G

I’m very glad I signed up for Loyalty Point Hunters. I always check the daily emails to look for the best mileage deals, and LPH has helped me go from Gold to Platinum Pro for the first time! The combo of daily email updates and database of prior offer levels is key for anyone using e-shopping as a means of achieving status. Would absolutely recommend this service!

Amanda P

Loyalty Point Hunters helped me achieve Platinum status for the first time ever with moderate spend on things I would’ve bought anyway.

Saul M

I came into the game just looking for miles to accumulate for travel and found this group and got to Platinum Pro in about a half year!!

Bobby B

This is a no brainer for anyone looking to accumulate American Airlines miles and / or Loyalty Points. It has a wealth of knowledge and resources to make your goals easily attainable!

Jeff B

I am very satisfied with the source of information that is available and shared with everyone who shows loyalty to American Airlines. The variety always changes, which is important when looking for new ways to earn LPs. What really stands out is the members talking and supporting each other, just like friends would do. It’s really incredible!

Sam M is simply tremendous! It’s the best – believe me – for finding those incredible deals and maximizing loyalty points. Everyone knows I appreciate value and efficiency, and this website, it’s like a goldmine for savvy travelers and shoppers. They’ve got the best strategies, the most incredible tips – it’s fantastic. People are always asking me, ‘Chris, how do you have so many Loyalty Points!?’ Now, I tell them, go to It’s a game-changer.

Chris N

I use this website so that it informs me of the bonus offers from AA. I can set my own personalized alerts on bonus offers – which will inform me first thing in the morning when I wake up. Then, I’ll do all my shopping that day. I’m a GC so every big purchase will generate A LOT of points. The notification (text or email) from this site is MUCH EARLIER than the eShopping portal notification, which I find is half day delayed. Secondly, I love how I can see the historic trends of the bonus points by vendor. While it’s difficult to predict when future bonus offers will happen, I think the historic trend allows you to ‘estimate’ which month it will occur. SO WORTH THE MONEY if you are truly an LP Hunter!

Steve H

About to hit Platinum Pro for the first time and far from qualifying based on flights alone. Loyalty Point Hunters has been an amazing resource on how to efficiently rack up LPs to achieve status.

Thomas D

I just have one spot to check and see if anything catches my fancy. Saves me lots of time and clues me in to deals I may have otherwise missed. Definitely worth it.

Cheryl W

Loyalty Point Hunters has been instrumental in finding ways to maximize LP earnings. The website tracking and daily email make it very easy to monitor with minimum effort and the Facebook group is very helpful to discuss details/nuances for things like stacking and finding less prominent deals. Worth every penny!

Mika L

Loyalty Point Hunters is extremely helpful to achieve status! They helped me obtain Executive Platinum (EP) for the 1st time EVER!

Mary T

Loyalty Point Hunters has helped me hit Executive Platinum 30% faster this year by maximizing my earnings on the shopping portal. By seeing the historical data, I can time my non urgent purchases to when bonuses are likely coming. I highly recommend this tool!

James W

Loyalty Point Hunters is a great platform. The site really shows you how to bolster your loyalty points and achieve status in the most money friendly way outside of general credit card spend and flight purchases. I was looking to get up to Executive Platinum as I had been focusing spend on my Amex and not AA card and hadn’t flown as much this year and the site has allowed me to come very close to hitting that with little effort on my end and little dollars spent (like $500ish). Highly recommend LPH

Jake W

Loyalty Point Hunters has single-handedly enabled me to fund 2-3 international Business/First flights to-date, and supported my retention of status during low-travel periods. By enabling me to track and receive alerts for elevated earning rates on the stores where I regularly shop, I have been able to maximize my earning potential on my day-to-day spend… and a few little treats for myself as well!

Kerry M

I was late to join Loyalty Point Hunters, but I still managed to gain some AA status in a month thanks to the LPH!

Thu P

Loyalty Point Hunters helped me nab American Gold status quickly and cheaply by allowing me to see when the places I normally shop are running the best LP/$ promotions and then I’d do my normal shopping on those days. 12 times points on LULU for Christmas shopping for the win! Because you can look at historical data, you can determine whether a particular deal is good or whether you might should hold out for a better day. Big fan!

Will H

Using Loyalty Point Hunters I have been able to maximize my earnings and reach higher stats than gold since using – in very little time – just under three months – after finding! Thank YOU!!

DeeAnna V

I was winging it with my strategy for spending before these emails, the group and the website. I got to EP so fast – and for the first time. Having the historical tracker so I can try to time and plan purchases to maximize my earnings is such an amazing resource. The subscription is worth every penny.

Melissa L

We only learned about the eShopping portal over the summer and discovered SimplyMiles a while later. While trying to find info about stacking points, I was pointed toward Loyalty Point Hunters. The tips and tricks in this group have helped P2 and I go from no status at all to Platinum within 4 months. We can’t wait to see how far we go next year when we know all these tricks from day 1!

Sarah C

I am trying to get Platinum status for the first time ever. I would not have even tried for this had it not been for Loyalty Point Hunters and the advice that I have gotten on the website. If I don’t get platinum, I still have gold which is also due to this website. Thanks for all the great advice. I will continue to follow along with the Facebook group which is also a very valuable resource.

Michelle F

This site has helped me get American Airlines Executive Platinum for the first time in my life. Love it!

Meyy A

The daily emails shared by Loyalty Point Hunters have helped me gain platinum status with minimal spending to maximize points per purchase. Flying free in business tomorrow and get to use the lounge all thanks to this site!

Ezra R

Loyalty Point Hunters has helped in tracking earnings rate history of different merchants and by highlighting good deals such as Blue Apron and Motley Fool to reach status faster

Nirav A

I’ve been part of the Facebook group for the last 6 months or so and it’s been great to grab some extra points for purchases that I am making anyway in order to help keep my status. With the loyalty program transition from miles-segments-spend to only spend you’ve got to play the game a bit and this page and membership is a great way to do it! The tricky part is not getting too obsessed 🙂

Erika M

Loyalty Point Hunters makes it really easy to keep track of the highest earning AAdvantage eShopping deals that are currently active. The history chart for each merchant is also a game changer to strategically plan when to make a purchase on eShopping to gain the maximum amount of LPs.

Vikash S

Everyone in the community has been very helpful in adding tips, sites, and offers to collect points and loyalty. I wish I had been using this site for all of the years I have been traveling. The good news is I am using it now and I look forward to seeing how fast I can achieve Top Status between spending and flying.

Glenn F

Loyalty Point Hunters has helped me reach Platinum Pro in record speed. The alerts and stacking notices are very helpful and help me save time for planning more travel.

Tricia W.

I have valued the Loyalty Point Hunters group so much. It helps not only supplement what points are available on American Airlines site but also maximize purchases to ensure you are getting all the points you can get.

Amy A

I made Platinum Pro multiple years in a row just by flying. When American Airlines changed the rules on their loyalty program, I found myself late in the year struggling to make Platinum for 2023. I found Loyalty Point Hunters and used the information provided to secure Platinum Pro for 2023. Going into 2024 qualfication, I had a plan and made Executive Platinum for the first time in Decemeber, months before the end of the qualification period.

Megan S

Since I enrolled in LPH I have been able to find deals and earn more miles and loyalty points. I’m able to get notifications on deals that are toward my needs and when I need to buy something, I always use LPH to see if any of the stores are offering any special deals. I have been able to accumulate enough miles for my trip to Japan and speed up earning my status.

Luis G

I decided to try to get status for the first time this year. I didn’t think it would be possible because I don’t fly as much as others but decided to give it a go after finding Loyalty Point Hunters. It was much easier (and cheaper) than I thought it would be. I only achieved Gold this year but I didn’t start until halfway through 2023. But I did gain a lot of knowledge to help me get a higher status next year.

Gillian I

Loyalty Point Hunters helped me make it to Executive Platinum this year. The tracking tools and updates were pivotal in helping me find the most value for my dollar.

Jonathan B

Loyalty Point Hunters is the email I look forward to every morning, it helps me set the tone for my hunt of airline status. I enjoy traveling in comfort and earning status on spending I would do anyway is a win-win scenario. Thanks to this website and the related groups, I’ve been able to leisurely gain my status throughout the year and continue to renew it with ease. Without this website, I’d still be a fumbling traveler, boarding in group 6.

Mia M

I had no inkling of the AAdvantage world of Loyalty Points prior to March. I was astounded that this took me from zero to Executive Platinum in 8 months. It is the easiest way to see where to find the highest paying LPs and make alerts for the stores you use most often. I’ve earned tens of thousands of LPs that I would never have known about!

Rona K

I joined August 2022 with zero status and with Loyalty Point Hunters tips I reached Platinum Pro December 2022. I wouldn’t have done this without Loyalty Point Hunters.

Susan D

I thought my Platinum Pro status was doomed under AA’s new program, but Loyalty Point Hunters is helping me get to the finish line!

Christina B

Loyalty Point Hunters opened my eyes to earning opportunities I never knew existed, currently at Platinum Pro and onwards to Executive Platinum.

Scott H

Loyalty Point Hunters helped me achieved Executive Platinum with 0 flights in 4 months with low spend

Jose D

Loyalty Point Hunters is great. The site is easy to use and helps me get points on purchases I was going to make anyway. If you own a small business this can really help you maximize American Airlines status and miles.

Jason H

Without Loyalty Point Hunters, I would not have reached Platinum Pro and be well on the way to Executive Platinum.

Doug D

Tips from the group and members helped my acceleration from Member to Platinum Pro in less than 150 days.

Michael A

Loyalty Point Hunters help both me and my wife to achieve status. Very grateful.

Jose S

Loyalty Point Hunters helped me gain status by showing me point opportunities I had overlooked.

Diane D

Loyalty Point Hunters allows me to be more strategic in accumulating Loyalty Points. I use the charts provided for each merchant to see historic earn rates and wait for the high point to make my purchase. The daily email summary is great too!

Betty T

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